Our expertise originates from a 3 generation family tradition of engineering and geophysics  (See www.gdd.ca). Our international experience in mineral exploration is outstanding, as we  have worked in China, Australia, Finland, Canada, Poland, Ireland, and more. Working with  great crews, having a wide range of expertise and using the most innovative equipment, we  are well suited to provide you with the best service on the market.  We are at your service when it comes to performing a geophysical survey, blasting, mapping,  prospecting, characterization and interpretation of surface and underground geology,  assessment of the economical and mineral potential of an ore body, or simply for consulting  on whether to purchase or abandon a property.  Thanks to our expertise, the innovating instruments we use and the excellent partners with  whom we cooperate, we have become a reference in the mining industry. We are known for  our promptness, efficiency and precision. We offer you a complete range of geophysical  services and solutions tailored to your needs.  Working closely with members of local communities, such as the Cree Nation of Canada, we are devoted in building sustainable relationships with our partners based on respect, transparency and cooperation.   Vein @ 20% Cu and 2 Oz Au Opemiska Property, Chapais, Quebec, Canada. Property available for option: Visit www.ex-in.ca Frédéric Gaucher, B.Sc, Blaster President of Goldman Exploration Blasting Services, Geophysical Surveys, Mining Exploration Campaigns