Benefitting from a multigenerational tradition in mineral exploration and in EM surveys, Goldman Exploration  offers you an innovative methodology along with efficient equipment:  Nordic EM24 (time domain EM); manufactured by GDD, for deep ground electromagnetic survey and  developed for mineral exploration as well as groundwater and environmental applications.  SSW (frequency domain), to measure the content of conductive and/or magnetic material in the ore of  a production hole, thus reducing blasting costs, dilution and increasing ore grade within your mining  operation. Beep Mat (frequency domain); to detect conductive and magnetic outcrops or boulders hidden under  up to 10 feet (3 meters) of overburden. Sampling with the Beep Mat EM targets saves the cost of  hundreds of barren drill holes and upgrades the value of targets to be drilled.    MaxMin II (frequency domain); to test the most interesting VLF or sub-surface EM anomalies. Depth,  dip and quality of the conductor can be extracted from the data survey. The MaxMin II system was  designed by Apex Parametrics, to measure both the vertical and horizontal in-phase (IP) and  quadrature phase (QP) components of the anomalous field from electrically conductive zones.   MPP (frequency domain); The MPP probe detects the magnetic susceptibility (10-6 SI) as well as the  relative and absolute EM conductivity (MHOS/M) values of small and large objects such as drill cores,  samples, outcrops, etc. With the MPP probe, you can get the information that you need to design an  appropriate geophysical survey since you are able to establish a correlation between your samples and  your EM / MAG survey. Based on induction, EM does not require electrodes in ground, thus it provides faster surveys over larger  areas. This device has a wide range of applications in fields such as mineral exploration, ground water  contamination, salt water intrusion, mapping geology and soil, locating buried objects (pipes, barrels, tanks),  archeology, locating cavities (caves, abandon mines, etc).    Goldman Exploration offers you various exclusive and self-designed configurations in order to get more  power, be even more precise and efficient. Get a 2D or 3D modelling and an interpretation that will help you  make the best decision possible and thus, to drill the best target. Our experienced crew provides you with  customized solutions meeting your needs for exploration challenges such as ground surveys of airborne  targets, detection of conductors from the surface, localization of conductors down drill holes.     MaxMin Survey                      Beep Mat Survey, Finland                           Rx EM Nordic24 data                         Beep Mat EM survey  Beep Mat EM Survey finding  bew Ni-Cu ore body in  Manicouagan, Quebec.  MPP EM Survey on DDH  cores. The MPP confirm the properties of the rock  samples  in old or in new  drilled cores.   24 bit 8 channels EM receiver,  with rugged integrated crystal  and GPS timing, full wave,  free post process software.   Blasting Services, Geophysical Surveys, Mining Exploration Campaigns